Eden 7 Day Detox – Transformation Kit


Eden is taking it back to basics to reset your metabolism, No need of toxins, liquid diets and questionable pills. This simple mix of nuts, seeds and other natural ingredients burns through fat and gives your body a much needed detox. Get started with our 7 day detox cleanse today! We ship worldwide.

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Eden’s detox programs are designed to jumpstart your detox, reset your metabolism give you the body you deserve. Focusing on all-natural ingredients sourced from Australia’s most trusted organic suppliers, Eden is your path to health and well being without pills, gritty shakes and tasteless teas.

Eden – 7-Day Lifestyle Transformation Pack

Go back to basics with this holistic, 100% organic blend of ingredients for effective detox, weight loss and the complete cleanse that your body will thank you for. Buy your 7 Day Lifestyle Transformation Kit we’ll deliver it anywhere in the world!

The beauty of Eden is how simple and convenient it is to include in your daily routine. Everything is ready to eat, you only need to go through one bag per day and drink 1 liter of water for ever 20kg of body weight. That is it!

REBOOT: Reboot a better you.
Remember to drink that much water over the course of the day to keep your body hydrated. You can even combine your filtered water with a pinch of Himalayan pink rock salt or a squeeze of lemon if you desire.
For full effect please avoid consuming any cooked or processed foods while detoxing.


  • Raw organic walnut
  • Raw organic cashew
  • Dried organic goji berries
  • Dates
  • Natural raw organic almonds
  • Seeds: Linseed, flax seed, sunflower seeds
  • Organic coconut

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