Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Eden - Back to Basics work?

Eden – Back to Basics is a 100% Australian handcrafted organic food product, that is produced using only the finest, organic Australian ingredients yielding incredible detox and weight loss results. The very unique way our ingredients are shredded and blended together allow for all the enzymes, minerals and nutrients to attack the body’s fat storage, yielding the best possible weight loss results.

Is Eden a drink, shake, pill?

None of the above! Eden is packed full of 100% real organic ingredients that have been fuzzed together to create a wholesome meal to eat throughout the day.


What is inside the Seven Day Extreme Fat Loss Pack?

7 packs of Eden – Back to Basics to start you on your very own weight loss adventure.

Why 7 Days?
We strongly recommend Eden – 7 day detox for optimal results.  We have tried and tested our product and know that for optimal fat loss results a 7 day cycle is best.
For all you newbies, Eden – 3 day detox (1 single pack) is a great way to kick-start your fat loss adventure and try the beautiful combination of ingredients and flavors.
How to eat Eden?
You have two options:
REBOOT: Extreme fat burn, reboot a better you. Our detox diets are ready to eat so just place yourself into. EASE: Ease yourself into weight loss, reboot a better you. Pace yourself into 1 bag of Eden throughout the entire day, whilst complimenting with 1 litre of water per 20kg of body weight. With this journey you may allow yourself raw fruit and or raw vegetables, green leafy salads and or nuts and seeds. Stay right away of from any cooked or processed foods.
How often should I detox with Eden?

Its all up to you! Because Eden only uses 100% real food ingredients, that are organic and contain no herbicides, pesticides and are non GMO.

What are the precautions to take when using Eden?

Eden is an all natural product so there isn’t much precautions or dangers associated with this product but we do recommend to stay well hydrated 1 litre of water per 20kg of body weight. (if your 80kg have 4 litres of water throughout the day)

Can I Exercise with Eden?

Sure! Stay in tune and listen to your body, if you feel like a brisk walk, go for it! Nothing like getting fresh air into the lungs. If you feel like a mad cross fit class, then do your thing.

I have a pre-existing medical condition, can I still use Eden?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, are on any medication or have any food related allergies, we strongly recommend you seek advise from your GP.

Are there any side effects?

Eden – Back to Basics is a 100% Australian handcrafted organic food product, that uses only 100% real food ingredients, that are organic and contain no herbicides, pesticides and are non GMO. No fake stuff here! So no side effects! We advise just to check the ingredients to make sure you have no allergies to any of our goodies.

Is Eden Unisex?

Yes! 50% of our customers are male.  Several of our customers also compete in professional body building competition. These guys need to shred massively! Eden has given them that competitive edge, with a defined chiselled body after completing a 7 day pack. Do you want to look and feel good when your at the beach! Ladies do you want your man to look as good as you will? Get him a pack! Remember couples that EDEN TOGETHER, STAY TOGETHER!

Can I eat other meals while using Eden?

Want extreme fat loss results, then we recommend just eating Eden. If you feel the need to eat then eat, however please only organic fresh fruit and vegetables as well as salads.

I couldn't finish the pack in one day, Im full! do I have to finish it?

No you do not have to finish it all. However we do recommend at least finishing 80% of the pack to keep your body nourished and to aide in fat loss. Remember not to skimp on you water intake!

I've heard horror stories about other weight loss products, Will I constantly be rushing to the toilet and/or have diarrhea?

No, you will not have diarrhea. You might experience slight increase in flushing due to the natural ingredients in our product, as well as your increased water intake, no need to worry about that crazy stuff!

Can I still drink coffee or have soft drink while using Eden?

Our only concern is that a caffeine overload might wreak havoc and give you gastric pains while giving your body time to cleanse and heal. This is entirely dependent on your body – but we recommend just giving your body a break from impurities and let it reboot and reset itself, the Eden way!

How about alcohol?

Your choice, however we really don’t recommend the consumption of alcohol, this is a time of detox, cleansing and weight loss. It’s 7 days peeps! Just abstain!

Can I order by phone?

Sorry, we do not take orders over the phone. However, you may order directly from our mobile website on your smartphone.

What if I do not have a credit/debit card?

You can do a wire transfer direct into our bank,  just email us [email protected] tell us which product you would like and we will send you our account information.

Can I get a sample to try before purchasing?

Sorry, we do not give out samples at the moment. If you are looking to try Eden, we recommend our Three Day Cleanse.

Where do you ship to?

Worldwide baby!! Its our mission to make everyone look and feel amazing! Spread the word all over the World!

How long does shipping take?

USA: 4-7 Business days UK: 4-5 Business days Australia: 4-5 Business days New Zealand: 4-5 Business day Rest of the World: 12-14 Business days