How to Lose Weight Fast

No matter how important it is to lose weight quickly it is not worth the cost of crash diets, fad diets and expensive prepared foods and programs. Some programs will work for some people but no program will work for everyone. There are other healthier ways to lose weight fast.

Methods for Losing Weight Quickly

1. Counting Calories and Watching Portions
Burning calories quickly if the best way to lose weight in a hurry. This means consuming fewer calories while also reducing portion size.

2. Exercise and Reduced Food Intake
Of course exercise and reduced food intake is the most recommended way to lose weight quickly or otherwise. If you burn about 1500 calories every day through exercise but only take in 1000 calories each day, you should lose a couple of pounds a week.

3. Salt and Starch Limitation
Reducing or cutting back dramatically on salt and starches in your diet can result in rapid weight loss perhaps as many as five pounds. Just keep in mind that your weight loss here comes from fluid loss, not fat loss.

4. Food Journals
Journaling what you are eating will help with weight loss. This will keep you on track and allow you to monitor your caloric intake, the amount of fat and kinds of foods you are consuming. Also when you write down what you eat you are holding yourself accountable to yourself. This in and of itself will help you to accelerate your weight loss.

5. Eat vegetables – avoid starches, sugars, and additional fats while consuming large amounts of leafy vegetables, fresh vegetables, fruits, nonfat dairy, soy products, egg whites, skin and fat reduced poultry, shellfish, fish and lean meats.

6. Water Consumption – drink at least eight glasses of eight ounces each every day. Drinking water about a half hour before you eat will help you to feel full and want to eat less.

7. Don’t keep the wrong foods in the house – get rid of sugary items, cookies, cakes and other sweets. Salty snacks need to go as well. Remember salt causes the body to retain fluids.

8. Eat Three to five times per day and do not skip meals. It is very important if you wish to lose weight quickly that you maintain your body’s metabolism as a very high rate and eating smaller portions more often. So don’t skip any meals.
9. Be disciplined about eating. Always eat off a plate. No ‘grazing’ from the pantry or refrigerator. This is another reason to make sure you don’t have any unhealthy snacks in the home. It is important not only to eat all of those three to five meals per day off a plate, it is also important to do so while sitting at a table. Don’t eat sitting in a chair in the family room or while watching your favorite evening show. Be disciplined and the weight will come off quicker.

10. Finally, make sure you are busy and not bored. Many people eat when bored. If you keep yourself involved with many activities and friends so that you are not tempted to eat.

Being disciplined about what you eat and when you eat may be the most important factor involved in losing weight quickly. Being disciplined allows you to count calories, reduce portions and exercise.