Health Benefits of Losing Weight

If you are five pounds or two hundred pounds over your ideal weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) it is important to try to lose those excess pounds. There are an untold number of benefits that come from attaining your ideal weight and body mass. Losing weight is one of the major benefits of clean eating – fresh fruits and vegetables and no processed foods.

Clean Eating and Weight Loss
We all know that weight loss is a function of what we eat and exercise. What we eat is more important part of that equation. Some medical and weight loss professionals believe that what you eat is at least 70 – 80% of your weight loss plan. Only 20-30% of you plan is exercise.

Clean eating – consuming only fresh foods and nothing processed, nothing in a can or a package – has been shown to help many to reach their ideal weight goals in a very reasonable period of time, with or without exercise. Fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, locally grown lean meats and locally harvested eggs all are a part of a clean diet that can help those extra pounds to disappear.

Why Lose Weight
In today’s western societies it is so important to maintain your ideal weight in order to fend off some extremely debilitating and life changing diseases. When you lose weight the physical health benefits are tremendous and the mental health benefits even more so.

Preventing Disease
Type 2 Diabetes is one of the most common diseases among those who are overweight whether over the age of 40 or not. In the United States, many young children are overweight and starting to show signs of acquiring Type 2 Diabetes.

Avoiding diabetes is very important as the complications of this disease are devastating and life threatening. You can develop neuropathy, heart disease, stroke, and kidney disease. You can face amputations and dialysis in the worst possible cases.

Coronary Artery Disease by itself without diabetes can be a result of being overweight and it can actually be reversed in many ways with weight loss.

Strokes again can be a result of high blood pressure caused by excess weight. Many people no longer need blood pressure or cholesterol-controlling medications as the result of weight loss.

Cancer – certain cancers have been found to be related to excess weight and losing it lowers your chances of contracting them. Too much fat around the major organs such as the liver and kidneys can impact cancer as well as other diseases.

Arthritis and other joint pain and injuries can be lessened or alleviated by the process of losing weight.

Feel Great about Yourself

Improved Sleep and avoid conditions such as sleep apnea and CO2 retention. Sleep is a major factor in a healthy and happy life. Improving your sleep can improve all the other aspects of you mental and physical health.

Improved Stamina and Well-Being are great benefits that come with weight loss and reaching your ideal weight and BMI. You will have more energy and a much better feeling about yourself and your life.

Improved cognition, creativity, and outlook also result from healthy weight loss. You feel better, you avoid diseases, you mind is clearer and you are able to be more creative and productive. There are more health benefits to losing weight than one article can cover.