How Celebrities Stay Thin

As you struggle to meet the daily challenges of losing weight or maintaining your ideal body weight and BMI (Body Mass Index), you cannot help but notice all the celebrities and models who stay thin seemingly without much effort. How do they accomplish this and is it healthy? Are there things they are doing that you might be able to add to your daily routine?

Tricks Celebrities use to Stay Thin
Some of the things the celebrities do to stay thin are healthy and can be adapted to your daily regime and some of them are things you would not want to do.

Positive Tricks Celebrities Use

Get your metabolisms going first thing in the morning. Don’t let it go more than half an hour after you get up before you eat. Breakfast is vital and you won’t lose weight or stay thin without eating breakfast. If you don’t your body will think it has to save its fat because it is not getting enough energy. Eat some oatmeal and tell your body that it can go ahead and burn that fat. New calories are coming. Also, those who skip breakfast tend to overeat later.

Don’t eat white carbs – no sugar, white flour or any white carbohydrates. These white carbs turn to sugar and sugar burns before fat in the human body. Eat other forms of carbs in the fruits and vegetables that you eat.

Don’t eat gassy vegetables like cauliflower or broccoli. These types of vegetables can cause you to appear bloated. Stars tend to fill up on water based vegetables such as leafy greens, cucumbers, celery, and like oranges, grapes, melon and watermelon.

These foods will not make you bloated but they will make you feel full and not want to be snacking. Celebs also avoid diet drinks, carbonated drinks, and artificial sweeteners. Try their trick with chamomile and dandelion teas which act as diuretics.

Don’t deny yourself. If you have a craving, satisfy it with a very small amount of what you are craving. This keeps the stars from binging later.

Don’t Try this at Home

Some stars admit to using diet medications and ADD medications to stay slim. Unless you are under the care of a physician for these specific ailments, do not use them. They can be very dangerous, raise your blood pressure and cause hallucinations.

Don’t starve yourself or use dehydrating cleanses as these have negative impacts on your body. They can also cause binging at a later time


The ‘tricks of the trade” obviously work for the celebrities and models whose livelihood depends on upon their remaining thin. Those tricks are not so far from what is recommended by dieticians and physicians for all of us. Eat cleaner food, fewer carbohydrates; avoid sugars, artificial sweeteners, and carbonation.

Make sure you eat breakfast so that you can jump start your metabolism. Avoid white carbohydrates as your body will burn them like sugar before it burns off any fat. You want your body burning fat as soon as possible after you get up in the morning.

It takes discipline, but you can learn from the celebrities how to stay thin.