Benefits of Protein


If you’re somewhat of a food or exercise enthusiast, you know that not all protein is made equal. There are different levels of protein in the foods we eat every day, and we have many different sources of protein we can get mix powders, supplements, and so on. The natural proteins from meats, dairy, beans, nuts, and other foods are preferable to synthetic proteins, and the type of protein you consume matters. The organic Eden cleanses contain ingredients like nuts, berries, and all kinds of seeds that infuse protein into your diet, while clearing your system of all the things that are potentially harmful. Your body is capable of amazing things, and protein helps it reach maximum capacity.

Increased Muscle

Proteins, as you know, help us build muscle after a workout. They contain amino acids, which help in repairing and rebuilding muscle, but they also rebuild cartilage, blood cells, and skin. Amino acids are the chains we need to fix pretty much any damage we’ve received to our bodies. If you’re recovering from something, be it surgery or an intense workout, upping your protein intake can help you recover faster.

Decreased Hunger

If you’ve ever replaced a meal with a protein shake, you know that they fill you up enough to at least get you by. When you consume protein, it tells your body that it’s not hungry because protein-rich foods trigger the peptide hormone that controls that “full feeling.” If you’re trying to burn belly fat, this is hugely helpful because you’re not compelled to grab filling (but non-nutritional) carbs to get full. Add a little more meat or fish to your plate, or put some nuts, dairy, or legumes on the side.

Gentle Aging

Studies show that people with a high animal protein diet, including meat, fish, and dairy, have lower rates of osteoporosis and fewer fractures than people who try to avoid animal proteins. While being vegetarian or vegan is a personal choice, these studies indicate that animal proteins are still the most beneficial to human health.

Lower Blood Pressure

While you wouldn’t think protein would affect much more than your muscles, studies are finding that increasing your protein intake can improve your heart and vascular health. People with high cholesterol might be worried about increasing their protein due to persistent misconceptions on how protein affects our bodies, but nutritional science shows that it is beneficial. It lowers blood pressure, decreases bad cholesterol, and prevents heart disease.

Long-Term Health

We don’t think of the food we eat as lasting longer than it takes for our body to digest it, but protein-rich foods change the “environment” within our bodies to promote fat burning and muscle growth for the long run. When people eat 30% of their calories from protein daily, they lose weight faster and keep it off longer than people who diet any other way. People who have lost weight other ways also find that they can keep off the weight just by increasing their protein intake by 3 to 5% of their daily calories.

Dish up the Protein!

Most people get about 15% of their daily calories from protein-rich foods, but researchers recommend trying 25-30% to see what benefits you notice. Start feeling and looking better almost instantly, and enjoy tasty foods that are perfect for you now and as you age!