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About Eden

Struggled with weight my whole life until I was introduced to Eden – Back to Basics. It literally has transformed my whole perspective on food. I cleansed, detoxed and started my weight loss journey. I cannot thank Eden enough thank you so much!
Just finished my Eden - Back to Basics 7 day detox & cleanse pack & I'm so happy with the results! I feel so much lighter, especially in the tummy area, and lost 5kgs in the process! I had so much energy during the week, didn't feel hungry and was able to get through my training sessions at the gym every day as I usually would! So glad I gave it a try! Ive finally found something healthy & all natural that actually delivers what it promises!
Just completed my 7 day Eden – Back to Basics detox cleanse. I'm amazed with my results. I weighed in at 53 kilos when I started and now I'm 49 kilos which is awesome!
I lost 9kgs with Eden B2B! The weight fell right off, my skin is glowing and I have all this energy!
I cannot believe how amazing Eden is and I lost 5kgs on this detox. This taste amazing and I felt so energised throughout the day, I cannot wait to put another order in.
Struggled with years of training at the gym to achieve a defined look with no luck, until I discovered EDEN - B2B. What a transformation! I have never looked so good. This is weight loss from the FUTURE! This is the product that delivers all that it promises!
Extremely satisfied with my results after jumping on Eden for 7 days. I noticed a difference in my body within the first few days and continued to watch the weight drop throughout the remainder of the week! I was also still able to train without feeling weak or hungry and had no trouble with portioning out the contents of each pack. 100% would recommend for anyone needing a kick start to a healthy lifestyle.
Kathleen Iwassi
I'm super excited with this detox. I feel amazing. Eden is just what I needed to kickstart my new lifestyle. Day 4 so far and it's delicious and I'm not hungry. Can't wait to order another 7 days soon. Highly recommend!
Toula Toulaki
I can not praise this product enough. I have never felt so good or had so much energy from any one single product I've used before and I've tried ALOT. I've literally dropped two dress sizes on my weight loss journey to by pre baby weight by using Eden along side healthy eating and exercise and the fact that it's all natural compliments my body's way of loosing weight faster.. Best product on the market to date
Jaime Lee


The team here at Eden is driven by passion towards our mission 
and vision for the company and our clients.

  • Our mission is to change the perception that losing weight, detoxing and living a healthier lifestyle is hard. We want to make dieting a simple and straightforward process by providing you with a more convenient and effective weight loss and detoxing diet plan. You don’t need to feel deprived or restricted in order to achieve that body you’ve always wanted.
  • Our vision is to help people achieve their dreams of having a fit and healthy body—we want you to have better physique and health so you can be more confident in facing the world.

Our ultimate goal is to help people—not only in Australia but also in the whole world—to not just lose weight, but also live a longer and healthier life. We aim for Eden to be the future of weight loss and detoxing.


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